Becoming a Guelph Neighbourhoods’ Photographer

Here is how my local Guelph neighbourhood magazine assignments became one of many ways for me to contribute and give back to my terrific community. Since moving to Guelph in 2016, I have been constantly amazed by what this city has to offer and how it has made us feel. Undoubtedly, we have only had good memories so far. Therefore, I wanted to ensure I helped welcome other families lucky enough to relocate to this amazing "royal city" and feel how we felt. How I…

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Dressing up for winter family photos

Dressing for winter family photos can be tricky. Understandably, these seasonal images are often missing from family photo albums. Canada is a country that endures four months of winter with so much snow and perfect, white-covered places. I cannot say enough how beautiful these scenes can make your family photos look. When completing your winter family photos, you will first and foremost need some determination. If you already have your mindset on the photo session, this is really all that you need.  A…

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Family photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville

I absolutely enjoy taking family photos. I thoroughly enjoy each session and connecting with my many different clients. Over the past couple of years, Reto's family photos stick out as being one of my favourite sessions. This is a couple with an amazing little boy that truly represents to me what Canada is and what family means. This little family has such a great personality and outlook. Fun, excited, relaxed, happy and easy-going are just some of the words I would use to…

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Alderlea Family photos for this young family of three

While living in Brampton for over 8 years, I never had the chance to do Alderlea family photos. Alderlea is a historic house located in downtown Brampton. It is full of unique features and offers indoor as well as outdoor paid options for photographers as well as other clients. I have regularly photographed right next door in Gage Park or in the houses surrounding it. However, I have never actually had a session at Alderlea. Just as the famous saying goes 'good things come…

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Guelph Arboretum photos session with local lifestyle photographer

If someone told me 5 years ago that taking Guelph Arboretum photos would be a weekly experience for me, I would have never believed them. This amazing location is only about a 10-minute walk from our house. It has quickly become a part of our daily life as we explore and enjoy it in many ways.  Our personal connection with Guelph Arboretum photo locations The Arboretum is a popular location for me to bike with my boys. On weekends, we explore the trails…

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