The diversity of what makes up a family is what makes this such an interesting category.  The challenge of unknown variables keeps it fresh, unique, and reflective of real life. To me, a beautiful image comes from genuine smiles from everyone in the family photos, and perhaps a belly laugh or two.


I have included some of my favourite family photos above, to showcase the variety of my day-to-day photo-shoots. I cover everything from babies, yearly family photos, multi-generation group shots, and family pets, to reunions at the family cottage.
Part of the feedback that I often get from my clients is that they felt a strong connection with me during the session. From babies to older adults, being a real people-person gives me the advantage to relax my clients and understand what they need from me.
During my sessions, I help my clients to build their own confidence as well as their trust in me by asking questions, listening, and getting to know them better. When I know what you like or don’t like, I am able to provide a better service that is tailored to your comfort level. Being in the field for over 20 years, I’m able to help anyone boost their confidence in themselves. When we overcome that obstacle, the family is sure to start flashing me the real smiles that will help them look their best.

When it comes to capturing an individual’s genuine spirit on camera, some of my best results are when they are relaxed in a familiar environment or exploring the unknown. This is when people have the opportunity to really be themselves as opposed to the more traditionally posed, studio set-ups. As a father and husband, I understand the challenges and temperaments of young children, so rest assured, I will work with you to make absolutely everyone regardless of age feel safe and comfortable. Investments start at $195.