Photographing the joy of childhood is about trusting the process. No matter where the session takes us, we will get creative, natural, and stress-free photos of children being themselves. When kids have the freedom to be themselves and lead the session, they feel in control and confident. This results in genuine emotions, fewer power struggles, better cooperation, and the reality of truly making some great memories as a family during your photo session.


Candid children photography, in my opinion, is a style that never gets old or loses its value. Many photographers may promise to capture real candid images of the kids but few truly use child-led scenarios during the session. It isn’t possible to pin this from Pinterest and then recreate it exactly. While we can get some inspiration and suggestions, each individual child is given their own personalized approach.
As a photographer, one of my favourite portrait categories is of children. A single photo, when captured in the right circumstances, can replicate a snapshot of your child’s authentic personality that will be frozen forever. As a father, I know that days turn into weeks, which then turn into years. In our fast-paced society, we are often too busy to stop and take the time to appreciate how much our most precious cargo is growing up before our eyes.

I have noticed a similarity whenever I connect with clients requesting this type of photography. These unique couples and families are not easily persuaded with trendy ideas. They know exactly what they are looking for and don’t want to be painted with the same brush as others. Above all, they like to document the memories of their kids as they are, at this stage in their life. There is no place for fake, cheesy smiles or for forcing the kids to smile for others. Investments start at $195.