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My passion and biggest asset is taking the time to make every client comfortable and relaxed before I even pick up the camera. The result? Photos of you that actually look like you at your best! I can prove to you how much you can enjoy having your picture taken. 

My sessions can be classified as lifestyle photography. This means there is emphasis on the experience that happens to be served up along side of some really great photos.

Photography is a fine balance of art, passion and versatility. Harnessing all these attributes has helped me become one of the biggest names in the photographic industry in Toronto and the GTA.

Dare to stand out from the crowd! Now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s get started on creating some amazing photos together. I understand that you will be trusting me to capture images of the most precious people in your life. I can promise you that the resulting memories will make it one of the best investments you will ever make.

Family photos

My Family Photography sessions are for families that like to move around and enjoy their photo time. It is not about me your photographer. It is about the time you spend together and the amazing memories you make. 

The diversity of what makes up a family is what makes this such an interesting category. I cover everything from young families, yearly family portraits, multi-generation group shots, and family pets, to reunions at the family cottage. 

The challenge of unknown variables keeps it fresh, unique, and reflective of real life. As a father and husband, I understand the challenges and temperaments of young children. So rest assured, I will work with you to make them feel safe and comfortable. 

Family Photography in Guelph
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As a photographer, one of my favourite portrait categories is of children. A single photo, when captured in the right circumstances, can replicate a snapshot of your child’s authentic personality that will be frozen forever. 

As a father, I know that days turn into weeks, which then turn into years. In our fast-paced society, we are often too busy to stop and take the time to appreciate how much our most precious cargo is growing up before our eyes.

When it comes to capturing a child’s spirit on camera, some of my best results are when they are playing in a familiar environment or exploring the unknown, thus being allowed to be children, rather than the traditional in-house static compositions.

Pets + People

Would you exclude another family member that might add some extra work into your photos? Absolutely not! We think about your fur babies. They are an important part of your family too.

While my main photography style is centred around people, I simply couldn’t forget mentioning my client’s pets too. So far, the majority of the pets used for family sessions have been dogs. Most likely it is because these fur-babies work best in the parks and outdoor locations of the sessions. However, there have been sessions with other animals that are less common but just as fun to work with for me as well as alongside their family. Cats, rabbits, snakes, fish, reptiles, maybe even an imaginary creature or two are absolutely worth incorporating. If they are part of your family, they can be part of the session!

People with Pets Photography
About Wedding Photography


My Wedding Photography is for couples looking for a mixture of photojournalistic, contemporary and traditional images.

One of the greatest things about shooting weddings in a community as ethnically and culturally diverse as Toronto and the GTA, is the range of ceremonies I have had the chance to document. From traditional Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Chinese, Hindu, Sikh and same sex marriages to outdoor lake side blessings and renewal of vows, no two days are ever the same.  This variety helps keep my work fresh, innovative and of a high end journalistic style.


Professional Corporate headshots that are far from cheesy and stiff! Make your images on your “About Me” page represent your charisma and genuine personality. 

A professional business headshot is one of the most valuable investments you can make to stand out from the crowd and be taken seriously. With the rise of online recruiting and sourcing of potential candidates, or for personal websites, a well-composed photograph reflects on how you choose to approach business. I will help you create various size files of the images, so the quality will not be compromised regardless of which media platform it is being used for.

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