What is included in this wedding photography guide

As a proud father to two amazing boys and a husband to my beautiful wife, I understand the value of marriage and family. Each new wedding I photograph brings back beautiful memories of my own special day. Although it is now almost 15 years later, the excitement and emotions are still so vivid to this day. 

I have included various ideas in this guide to assist you while you begin planning your wedding day. However, rest assured that you will not have to work through your photography plan alone. With my 25 years of photography experience, I’m always right there with my wedding couples so that they look and feel their best during their engagement sessions and on their wedding day. I’ll work with you to reduce your stress when planning and help you to understand what to expect on your wedding day and beyond. 

What is my wedding photography style?

As a wedding photographer, I am often asked, “What is your style?” I’m sure my clients are looking for a straight, one-word answer such as airy, or trendy. It may surprise them that I actually use 7-10 different styles for their wedding day coverage and it’s all for their benefit. Some styles appear at various times throughout the wedding day based on different scenarios including locations, occasions, choice of light, equipment and the people I am working with. Fast-paced wedding events are full of emotions and small details that my wedding couple spends so much time, effort, and money on, and these must be captured perfectly. Essentially, I turn to my 25 years of experience and my wedding couple’s likes and dislikes to determine the best style to use at any given moment. Check this post What we capture on your wedding day?

Your experience is my main focus

While photographing your wedding, my focus is more than just being behind the camera. It is not a secret that happy, comfortable people take relaxed, authentic photos. But getting you to this point is one of my best-known assets. The ending result is images of your special day that hold fond memories. Together, we will have fun, capture special moments and give you photos that will make you smile for years to come. 

List of articles in this wedding photography guide:

  •  How To Have The Best Wedding Day Photos
  • 5 Items To Check Off Your Wedding Photography Checklist
  • Why You Should Consider Doing A First Look?
  • 5 Tips To Have Stunning Detail Images
  • How Much Time Does It Take for Pictures?
  • How Many Hours Do I Need To Book My Photographer For?
  • 6 Reasons Why We Like To Have A Second Photographer
  • What Is A Pre-event Consult?
  • How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day
  • Must Have Shot List
  • 10 Tips For Your Wedding Day
  • Photographer: Wedding Terminology 101
  • 400+ Photography Locations
Wedding Photography Guide