Q: Do you have any questions?
A: Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Perhaps these will help you too. Hopefully, it brings you closer to finding the best match for your photo memories!

Frequently asked questions page
What are the benefits from having my child’s photo taken in an unconventional setting?

Childhood is all about being busy! I understand what it means to be a child and that the best photo results happen in a relaxed setting. Your child’s natural smile and authentic expressions will be captured forever as we photograph the ups and downs of childhood during your photo session. I travel to your child-friendly environment whether it is the neighbourhood park, your home, or another special place you have in mind. If you are tired of the same rigid poses that are used at franchised studios, my photography is surely your choice to capture the real daily memories of your child.  Here you can see a recent post about working with kids.

What can your services provide that I cannot achieve by using my personal digital camera or mobile phone?

Photography is an art form. Comparing a professional photographer’s creative ability and technical knowledge to a personal camera or a phone is like comparing apples and oranges. The service of a professional photographer goes beyond the capturing device. It includes being 100% focused on the moment, the knowledge of the technical aspects, being removed personally from the moment allowing for a new perspective of memories, and having the ability to take an instantaneous photo to capture the moment exactly as is. For sure, your camera does take some good pictures. However, have you ever tried taking a perfect photo of your smiling child and then discovered that your vision didn’t translate to the resulting image? During your session, I’ll allow you to enjoy your moment while taking photos identical to the memories! Here you can see some facts about my photography.

What happens to my photo session if there is bad weather or what if my child is sick?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions. And as a parent, I completely understand why! We will all be crossing our fingers for blue skies on your photo session day. However, there is no need to worry as there will always be a Plan B just in case. Together we’ll work on a plan for your perfect day and as well as an alternative plan just to be prepared. If worse comes to worst, we can always reschedule the session. There is no penalty if it ends up being a rainy day or if you or your child is under the weather. At the end of the day, nobody wants to work while sick and fun memories are created when we can all enjoy the experience.

How far in advance should I book a photo session?

Essentially, it’s the same as with any other booking. The best way to guarantee your date will be available is to request them as soon as possible. However, if you have an unexpected event coming up and I’m available on that date, I would be more than happy to be of service to you.

How many images are captured in each session?

If you’re looking for a specific number, the estimation is that there will be between 200-300 images from your portrait session. However, ultimately we prefer a quality over quantity approach to your photoshoot. In order to get an amazing picture, many shots need to be taken at different angles and points of view. I like to take as many frames as possible within your photoshoot to catch every possibility.

Will you travel to our event or preferred location?

YES! I’m willing to travel to your event or location to help share your experience. For all photo services within 100 km from our photo studio, travel expenses are included in your quote. If you would like to request a further location, I can provide you with the travel expense cost as well. Most of the time is only the cost of the travel expenses if the travel is less than 2-3 hours.

Will the photographer have me perform poses that are awkward or make me feel silly?

NO. The ultimate goal is to showcase you and your family at your best. Feeling awkward and uncomfortable is definitely not the way to achieve this. I have heard from my clients that they have felt awkward in other photo sessions before me so I can understand why this might be a frequently asked question. Before I ask you to do a particular pose, I will demonstrate it myself. If we discover it is not doable for you, we will adjust and find something that is more suitable. Poses should not feel stiff. They are simply a way to accent your best self for the camera lens. In the end, the photo session is for you! There is no point in taking photos that only satisfies the photographer’s vision if it doesn’t also provide you with images you feel great about too.

Do we have to pose? Will you tell us what to do?

No, you don’t, and for sure I will help! Oftentimes the idea of posing has us thinking of the stiff, awkward photos we sometimes see as a result of a studio set-up. There is a saying in the photography industry that really resonates with me and guides my photography philosophy. When it comes to perfection, I will always jeopardize the perfection of posing in order to achieve authentic emotions in the image. I always take care to make sure that the lighting is flattering to you and your family first. Then, I will position you so that you feel comfortable and can move freely while still presenting your perfect self. After this is the part that comes naturally for you and your family – the emotions. These are unique to you and are what happens spontaneously when you interact with your loved ones. The result is a non-posed image with natural emotions and authentic smiles.

What kind of input can we have on the direction of the shots? Can we give you a shot list to work from?

One of the advantages I have is my extensive training in posing techniques and composure. My repertoire includes flattering poses for all different body types. The result? Poses that compliment you and make your images look and feel natural. In order to make you look your best, it’s important to not simply replicate photos from another portrait session. We need to ensure that we use ones that you feel comfortable with and that also optimize your look. I’ll be guiding you through some unconventional poses but your comfort and peace of mind will always be preserved. You may have a great pose idea or an image of your family that you simply must-have. We will work together to incorporate both of our visions for unique images from your portrait session!

How would you describe your style? We are looking for a mixture of candid and posed family photos. Can you do both?

Contemporary, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, and candid. If I limit my ability to only one style, I’m limiting my perspective and the possibilities of our images. For instance, some children are excellent in front of a camera and will pose and smile naturally while other children find it very difficult to keep sitting still for more than a few seconds. The task of a good photographer is to assess what photography style will be best for his subject and to play with a few options to get the best out of the moment.

A frequently asked question is: What can we expect from the photo session?

In short, you should expect a fun experience while making some great memories together too. We approach the session as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s important to not go into it with expectations or while trying to recreate someone else’s images. It’s certainly not possible to look like someone else and in the end, you most likely wouldn’t be pleased with the results. Leave all your doubts and worries in your car and simply enjoy the moment. Be curious, excited, and happy. You will be pleasantly surprised how much fun it can be when you are not so hard on yourself! In the end, nobody knows you better than you.

What should we bring to the photo shoot?

I would say bring your best self but that is not what you are asking about, right? If we are planning a session with your kids, you first need to think of them. Bring an extra set of clothes for your kids. They may mess up their perfect shirt and this way you won’t have to worry. At the same time, spare outfits mean that we can also change up the look in the middle of the session for some more variety in the images. Healthy, low-sugar snacks, water, wipes, and paper towels are also some of the basics to consider for your session. However, if you want to be ultimately prepared, there are a few other things to consider. Bringing some items along with you in your car can provide you with a choice once the session begins. Extra clothes for the adults are beneficial too as sometimes the perfect outfit we choose before the session turns out to look much different in the images. A toiletry bag with some make-up and hair accessories can give you peace of mind. If you are bringing your fur friends, make sure to have their favourite toys, their leash, and any special treats that will encourage cooperation during some of the larger group photos. If there is a chance of rain, an umbrella or rain boots can absolutely save the day. I don’t know if you can get cuter pictures than a carefree child enjoying the summer rain. If you would like some more tips for this frequently asked question, please check this blog post. For more specific information, see tips on how to prepare for spring, summer or fall photos.

Why you call your photo packages “collections”? What are collections?

A “photo package” refers to a fixed, non-negotiable bundle. While this type of product may be good for some, I find that it actually does not work for most of my clients. However, my “photo collections” are an assortment of services and products that you can choose from that gives you more personalization and flexibility to meet your individual needs. These collections are a group of one or more services, one or more products, and one or more complimentary items. If you happen to like to create your own, that is also perfect. The “A La Carte” pricing is always there for you. To check out the recent family photo collections to help you answer this frequently asked question, click here.

What are the best locations for a family shoot in the Toronto area?

To be honest, the best photo location is the one where you and your family feel the most comfortable. I know that this may be easier said than done, but rest assured, I’m here to help. The location for your photo session has to mean something to you if you ask me. If you have some location in mind, please do not hesitate to share your ideas with me. If you do not have a suggestion yet, I encourage you to use weekend walks to discover one that you and your family find perfect for you. If you have yet to find one or you are overwhelmed by the choices, you are not the first one, don’t worry. Here I have a list of locations where I’ve photographed or where I would like to do a future photo session. There are also full blog post examples that you can have a look at and decide if that particular location is the one for you. Let me know what you think!

Where will we take our family portraits?

The short answer is wherever you would like! However, to be more specific, most often your photos will be outdoors where you feel comfortable. We work together to find a location that works for you and your family, completing your style and complimenting the way that you feel. Here is a list of some locations that I have worked at before.

What are some great locations for my session?

In Canada, we are very lucky that we have so many diverse locations worth visiting and taking photos in. From rivers, lakes, and beaches to mountains, trails, arboretums, and conservation areas,  there are so many photo opportunities! Mix that in with the availability of a small city parkette, city vibe images with street life and crowd buzzing cafes and the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget that your backyard or your family farm is always an option as well. Here is a list of many more to help you with this frequently asked question!

Who chooses the location?

The location is always chosen by you. I can offer suggestions if you ask, but ultimately the decision is yours and your family’s.

Do you offer studio sessions as well?

NO for a family session. As a lifestyle photographer, it is important that my clients feel at ease and comfortable with a location of their choice. For me, a studio family session is very limited in its ability to capture genuine emotions and memories as they happen. If you are looking for a studio setting, I will probably not be your first choice of photographer. However, if you are looking for business headshots, I often do them in studio or at a location that meets your business needs and vision.

How much does a family photo session cost?

$215 session fee confirms your date. Collections start at $355. You can see the collections we offer on our pricing page.

Are the final photos retouched?

YES. The images that you choose for your collection will be fully retouched. The images on this website have been corrected and you can expect that your images will look the same.

Can we have all the images unedited from the session?

NO. Many people have the misconception that it is cheaper to receive unedited images. I can understand how this could happen. However, it’s not actually the case. The analogy that I usually use to answer this question is asking: Would you ask for raw chicken at a restaurant to reduce the price of your dinner? Editing images is what completes the art of photography. Unedited images can include closed eyes, awkward expressions, or blurred movements. Those are certainly not photos to share and value. Some clients simply just want to have all of the images from the photoshoot, which is absolutely okay! I do offer that option as well. However, all photos that leave the studio will be retouched and edited so that you can cherish them all for years to come.

How many images can we expect?

After the session, there will be approximately 200-400 images for you to preview. The number of images depends on the length of time for the session, the number of people participating in your session, and the amount of travel or transition time we have during the session. After previewing the images, the number of photos that you purchase or keep depends on which collection you select. 
 Here is the pricing list.

I only need few images, do you offer mini-sessions?

NO. My passion is connecting with people to capture genuine personalities and authentic emotions. This is difficult to achieve in a 20-minute session. In order for us to achieve those “favourite” amazing images, we need to go beyond a tight time frame and be given the chance to really explore the location and become more comfortable. For me, mini sessions have a similar feel to in-studio photoshoots where the scene is set and we have less creative freedom. However, when it comes to holidays, I do sometimes offer sessions that only focus on a very limited number of photos on a static set-up. Because these photos have a specific purpose, a Holiday card as an example, the expectations are different. These are limited to one or two offers per year. Please subscribe to my newsletter here so that we can notify you when these are available. If you like here you can see the benefits of a photo session vs minis.

When will we see our photos?

After all the fun we have, I’m sure you are excited to see and share your images, right? I absolutely understand! My goal is to get them to you as soon as possible! If you are looking for a more specific answer, your images will be ready for viewing in about a week from your session at the latest. If we have arranged an in-person consultation where we view the photos together in the studio, we would most likely be booking the appointment for a week from the session. However, if you decide to preview your images online, the images are ready anytime between the day after a session to a week later at the maximum.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: what should we wear to a family shoot?

The short answer to this would be to wear what makes you feel comfortable. If you’re here you are most likely looking for a more detailed explanation though. However, being comfortable should always be where to begin first when planning what to wear. A quick Google search will give you lots of ideas but it can also be overwhelming. That is why we have to start small. If children will be a part of your photo session, I would start by building excitement with them. Why not ask them what they might like to wear and what are their favourite outfits (don’t forget the spares too!). Then, you and your partner can work in coordinating with them. The most important rule is to not wear anything that doesn’t match your style. Don’t overdress if formal clothes aren’t usually your thing and don’t underdress so that you feel uncomfortable. Simply, dress for the occasion. Your gorgeous high heels just won’t cut it if you plan a hiking trail for your photoshoot location. Avoiding patterns and choosing solid colours instead helps to emphasize your face and expressions. It’s also a good idea to avoid brand names or logos written on your shirts, etc. as this can be distracting to the final image. In the past, it was trendy to all wear one colour or the same kind of outfit. The downfall to this is that everyone might not want to wear what is agreed upon. Then, the result is uncomfortable people trying to make an effort to smile and feel confident. Grumpy faces certainly do not complement your photos! A compromise to this trend however is to choose a colour scheme so that you are all dressed in complementary colours that look great on you all and work well with the season and location you chose. Check here for a blog post that explains in more detail about dressing for a summer photoshoot.

How much time should we schedule for a family photoshoot?

While the actual session is scheduled for up to two hours, you may be wondering how much time it may take on the actual day. When we are planning a session with kids, fur-babies, or even multiple adults, the time you may need to allot could actually be double! Dedicating more time will help you if the unexpected should happen and will also help alleviate some stress. Usually, I recommend giving yourself one hour to get everyone ready, one hour to travel to the location, and up to two hours for photographing.

What if my child is not behaving?

I’m here to help! In my 25 years of experience, I have yet to photograph this sort of child. However, as a father, I also know that it could certainly happen. First of all, we must remember that prevention is key. Being two (or ten!) steps ahead of our littles allows us to prevent this type of scenario. It’s important to make sure the child (and everyone for that matter) gets a good night’s sleep, has been fed recently, drinks plenty of water, has bathroom breaks, and lastly, has a low sugar intake before the session. We need to prioritize listening for clues and observing their body language. Then, we have to manage our own expectations and try not to stress. Kids feed off of these negative emotions, even if they cannot voice what they are feeling. In the end, if we do all of these things, we are almost guaranteed an amazing session. However, if for any other reasons, we are finding that the kid’s behaviour is just not cooperating with the session, we simply reschedule and wait for the clouds to clear. I’m here for you! It is not worth forcing something that should be fun and rewarding for all of us.

Who will be the photographer at our family session?

This is an important frequently asked question because sometimes this is not the case when booking a photography session. When you book with me, I (Dragi Andovski) will always be the photographer. There are some exceptions when it comes to event photography or weddings. However, it will always be me if you are not informed before the booking otherwise.

What should we do with our digital files?

Enjoy them. Print them. Display them, share them. Ultimately, keep them safe. Another suggestion I have is to not rename the images; at least not the archived ones. I keep a copy of them and if you need assistance down the road, we always would refer to the photos with their unique image number.

What photo lab do you recommend in the Toronto area?

Nowadays, the number of good-quality photo labs is, unfortunately, few and far between. Most of the ones still in business work with professional photographers only, not accepting orders from the general public. Those who do are often superstores or mall kiosks. This information is forever changing, so I’ll suggest checking with me at the time of your printing. At this time, my albums are ordered from Graphistudio in Italy and my other printing is done at GTA Imaging in Toronto.

Do you offer family portraits outside of the Toronto area?

ABSOLUTELY! I love experiencing new locations too. If you have an area in mind, let me know. As long as we can travel to it, I’ll be there!

What geographical areas do you serve?

Generally, the area that I tend to work the most in is about a 100km radius from my studio in Guelph. However, I’m willing to travel further as long as the arrangements work for everyone involved.

How do we book a session with you?

Call, text, email, or stop by in person. However, generally, these two ways are the most popular for my clients: 
1) By phone. The potential client calls and we talk about their photo requirements. Here, I answer all the questions that my client has. Then, we set up a date, time, and location. I follow up with a booking confirmation email and deposit details. Once the deposit is complete we keep in touch for planning purposes.
2) From my website. The potential client visits my website, likes what they see, and fills out the contact form. I answer the form by email or by calling, whatever is the preferred channel of communication. If by email, there sometimes may be a delay in booking due to the back and forth responses. In the end, we finalize the details and the booking email and deposit process begins.

Can I buy a gift voucher for my friend?

YES. In fact, last year I had more family photo bookings using gift vouchers than direct booking (and that’s saying something!). Click here to see where you can order a gift voucher and help you answer this frequently asked question!

I have family overseas. Can we share the photos with them?

YES. Often in Canada, I have clients whose family is from all over the world. I understand the importance of sharing with our close loved ones, even when they are not so close physically. To support this, the online proofing photo gallery that I provide for each of my clients is accessible worldwide. Additionally, I create a mobile app with your final purchased images that your family living abroad can download and view and share. They simply install on their mobile devices and enjoy them.

My in-laws will be in town during our session. Can we take a few pictures with them?

OF COURSE (as long as you are in a good relationship with them! 😉 
It’s always a pleasure to be able to capture the love between all the relationships in a multi-generational photo shoot. The kids will enjoy it and your spouse and in-laws will be sure to thank you for the experience too. Happy people are the recipe for great photos and an amazing experience.

We would like to create a photo wall, can you help?

YES. Depending on the case, I’ll be able to assist you with the size selection and even have helped to hang it on my client’s walls too!

Can we get framed products or albums?

YES. All of my albums are personally designed by me and are printed in Italy. These are products that I stand behind as the craftsmanship is unrivaled and the quality is evident. The process of creation involves you unless you choose otherwise. And the results are awesome! Here is a video showing some of my wedding albums and responding to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these products, but the same information is relevant for my family albums as well.. When it comes to framed products, here are some of the items I offer. There are framed and wrapped canvas and metal prints too. My photo paper prints are printed but not framed. There are so many options for framing out there that I decided that the best fit for my clients is the options that they choose. Therefore, I print the image and you have the option to place it in a frame design that matches your house or display. Here is some information about my products available to you.

When is the best time of year for a portrait session?

In Canada, it seems as though Fall is probably the most popular season for photo sessions. And there’s good reason too! The amazing colour palette of a Canadian Autumn makes for the perfect natural background. Plus, the temperatures are much easier to work in. It can be unpredictable with rain and wind possibilities, but all in all, I love my Fall sessions. 
The next best season for photos in my opinion would be Spring. Although this is a very short season in Canada, it can give you some really nice photos if planned properly. After such a long Winter season indoors, it is also super fun to be able to share some bright and lively images with friends and family. 
Contrary to what some believe, Winter would be my next choice of the best season for photoshoots. A snowfall can be used to your advantage for some great lighting and the snow is a great way for kids and pets to stay engaged and have fun. These sessions should be a mix of indoor and outdoor locations to compensate for the cold temperatures. However, it was for sure worth exploring the possibilities!
During the Summer season, I love working by the lakes and on the beaches. Because of the heat, it is best to have sessions in the early morning or late afternoon and to work in shades or by the water. Some fun sessions can be while wading in the water or at night by the fire pit while the family bonds with some smores. 
In the end, it’s really up to you to decide what season fits you the best. A suggestion I always give my clients is if you have photos taken in one season I would experiment with another for your next session. This keeps the types of your family images fresh and gives you new experiences each time!

When is the best time to schedule my portraits?

When planning your session, this quickly becomes one of the most frequently asked questions. There are many different factors to consider when deciding what the best time for you is. It is important to take into account the season of your photoshoot.
For example, in the Fall I prefer to take photos in the morning from 10 am-12 pm or in the afternoons between 2 – 4 pm. At these times, the light is optimal to give you a colourful background. Due to the high heat in Summer, I prefer to hold sessions in the early mornings or close to sunset in the “golden hour” of 5 – 7 pm.
For Winter sessions, the best time for photos is from 12 pm – 2 pm. The temperature is the warmest possible and the sun is at 45 degrees, which is perfect to use as my main or backlight. Lastly, in Spring, the best time of day I have found for portraits is between 2 – 5 pm.
The next important thing to consider when scheduling your photo session is who will be taking part. Generally, kids and older adults find the morning sessions better while couples, teens, and adults prefer a late afternoon or sunset session. 

Should we worry about bugs when shooting outside?

While bugs aren’t something to worry about, they do need some consideration to make your photoshoot the most comfortable as possible. Depending on our photo location, springtime and August can be prime times for bugs. It’s best to do a bit of research prior to your session, either in-person or online, to see if this might be the case for you. A quick fix of your bug repellent of choice before arriving at the location should keep the bugs away. Make sure to bring it along with you in case we need to reapply. Also, as we keep moving to different areas during your photoshoot, we will be less impacted by the bugs too!

Should the shoot be inside or outside?

If possible, I’m an advocate for both. It is amazing to have options for both indoors and outdoors during your photoshoot. In the wintertime, an indoor option would give us a chance to warm up and in the summertime, we could get a break from the heat as well. In Spring or Fall, an indoor option helps us to reduce the possibility of needing to reschedule based on weather. In the end, having two different types of locations for your session means you will have more variety of final images to choose from. If we’re only able to use one type of location, my preference is outdoors as long as there are no health issues or walking restrictions for anyone in the photo session. 

Do you have a studio?

YES. My studio is located in the lower level of my Guelph residence as an independent in-house photo studio. Although the studio is fully equipped for photo taking of any group size, I prefer to work in the studio for only business headshots or in-person consultations with clients.

One of the most frequently asked questions for indoor family sessions at your home is: how should I prepare?!

First and foremost, I would say not to stress too much over it. We are taking photos of you, not taking real estate photos to sell your house! This means if there are areas in your house that you don’t want pictures of, we simply won’t capture it. My suggestions usually include removing items that you do not want to be seen such a clutter, the kids’ toys, and anything else that may be lying around. The space will look much bigger once you do and the photos will have fewer distractions. If there are pets in the house, running a Swiffer sweeper right before the session will remove their hair from the floor and keep it handy for the photoshoot as well. I use it while taking the photos to do a quick sweep instead of using Photoshop to eliminate it post-production. It is also a good idea to keep screens turned off during your sessions. However, music is always welcomed and when combined with a nice relaxing scent, it’s always a great atmosphere to keep everyone relaxed and enjoying the moments. while not necessary, it is also nice to have a full set of clothes for changing into in a separate room. This helps to eliminate any stress and prepares you for the unexpected. Other than that, you can pour a cup of coffee and tea and let the fun begin!

When will our photos be ready, and how many will we receive?

If you are going to preview your photos online, you can expect your images to be ready anytime between the next day and up to one week from your session day. Once you decide on your collection and select your favourites, the final images will be ready no later than a week later. Essentially, this means the fastest you can expect your photos is in two days and the longest is two weeks.

Do we have to share our images online?

NO. The ownership of the images is on the studio however the right for them to be shared or publicly displayed is yours. If you specify that you do not want the images to be shared on any social media platforms, posted online as part of my portfolio for people like you to view, I will respect and honour your decision. If I would like to feature your session in my blog, I will ask you for your permission. However, if the images are shared by you or someone you have given access to them, this is out of my control.

Can we bring along the family pet?

YES. As long as pets are permitted at our photo location, I’m good to go! In fact, sessions with pets are so much fun and I am a huge advocate for including your fur-babies.  Here you can see one of my blog posts that talks in more detail about bringing pets to your photo sessions including some tips and tricks for this frequently asked question!

If the photography location inquiries photography permit, who takes care of it?

YOU. Because you have the freedom of choice for where you would like your photoshoot to take place, it is your responsibility to cover the additional fees that may come with a specific location. If you prefer to avoid obtaining a permit, there may be some ways to work around it. This doesn’t mean doing anything illegal! Instead, there may be a time of day when a permit is not required. As well, there might be a similar location nearby that does not require the permit. That means you can save money on the photoshoot so that you can use it for other more valuable things such as extra prints or images. Overall, my goal is to help you get the best possible options to keep you within your budget. 

I have a pimple | My baby scratched her face | I have a black eye… Should I reschedule our session?

NOT AT ALL. Thanks to today’s software capabilities, I’m able to take care of it in post-production. This means there is no need to stress about it and we can instead focus on the fun part. For retouching, it is important for us to make sure we are on the same page about anything that you would like to remove. However, in general, blemishes that are only temporary such as pimples, scratches, and bruises will be removed in the final images.

What is a “portrait session”?

To briefly explain this frequently asked question, a portrait session refers to the photography of one or more persons that aims to capture their authentic personality. During my sessions, it also means creating photo memories together too. This happens from the moment when we meet until you receive your selected photos including an in-person viewing if requested. Sometimes you may hear people use the label “photo session” as these two items are synonymous.

What is the difference between studio and on-location sessions?

Essentially, the difference between the two is simply where the images are taken. The biggest variance is that indoor sessions are captured using set lighting and a backdrop or similar set-up. This is very limited to changes however, it is much more predictable and isn’t dependent on the weather or time of day. A studio session can take place at either the photographer’s studio or a rented space. 
On-location photography means a session that doesn’t take place in the studio. This can be either indoors or outside. An on-location indoor session usually occurs in spaces such as my client’s house, venues, business offices and, barns. There are endless opportunities for outdoor on-location sessions including parks, conservation areas, family-owned properties, and urban areas too.

What type of portrait sessions do you offer?

Taking great pictures of people is my passion. The images that I capture are almost exclusively for people and their families. A very small portion of my business is also with commercial products, although it is certainly less advertised. For my lifestyle photography, I offer family sessions, children portraits, pet+people photography, business and headshot sessions, couples and seniors photography as well as wedding and engagement photography.

Another frequently asked question is: do you allow multiple clothing or location changes?

YES. As long as the changes you have in mind can be completed within the time we have allotted for the session. Ideally, the changing of outfits and traveling to a different location should take as little time as possible. This means that we have more time to capture your great photos. However, if you find you need extra time, we can always add those additional hours to your purchase.

Have you worked with very young children? Any tips for getting them to behave?

YES! I have worked with children from one day old all the way through the teen years. I am not exaggerating when I say that I absolutely love working with kids. While newborns are fun to photograph with their families, I find there is less challenge with them. They often sleep throughout the session and are certainly not as spontaneous as the older children. I love the challenge, excitement, and fast-paced environment that comes with photographing kids once they start to move, explore, and discover the world around them. When they start to become more of a handful for their parents and guardians is when I absolutely adore them. There is so much curiousity and uniqueness in those kids, that each image is one-of-a-kind. In my experience, kids from 2-4 years of age are the masters of this. I have written a full blog post with tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your busy young children. Here you can take a look a further look into this frequently asked question. 

I just need one portrait taken. Can you do this?

YES. Absolutely. However, contrary to what some might believe, to achieve one portrait takes more than one actual image captured. In order to arrive to the one portrait that you select, we will need to work together for 1-2 hours. If my client chooses to own only one portrait, that is totally up to them. My goal is to give them so much more and then they can choose what is best for them. I have clients who worked with me for two hours in order for us to create one 40″x60″ canvas of their big family to cherish for years to come. While my collections tend to be the most popular purchases, I do offer an A La Carte pricing that allows you the freedom to choose what works best for your situation. Regardless of how many images you choose, I work with you with the same enthusiasm and passion for my art of photography.

Do I have to purchase prints in addition to the session fee?

NO. I can understand why this might be a frequently asked question! With all my photo collections, the image files that you purchase also come with complimentary 5×7 prints and some enlargements too. I’m a firm believer that all our favourite images should be displayed. That is why I add the prints free of charge to all my client collections. The prints can be picked up free of charge from my studio or shipped for a small shipping fee.

Do I have to tell you in advance what products I want to order?

NO. Do you have the ability to see into the future and know how many images you are going to find as your favourites? That is the beauty of my photo collections. We always begin with the session fee until after our session during our in-person consultation. Then, you can decide what collection works best for you. I ask a lot of questions leading up to your session to find out what you want, wish, need, and prefer for their photoshoot. Knowing this up front, I am able to photograph specifically for them and give them the best options to choose from for their final selections.

Help!! I’m not photogenic at all! I’m worried about how I’ll look in the photos as I’m not very photogenic.

I say, bring it on! I’m absolutely confident that I can change your mindset by the end of our photoshoot. Almost every single one of my clients has told me that they are nervous about taking photos. Then, after the session was completed, I was able to change their minds when they saw the amazing photos we captured together. I feel such a personal triumph when I succeed in boosting confidence in each new client on an individual and case-by-case basis. It truly is proof that everyone is photogenic in their own way as long as they are given the chance for it! The biggest trick is that authentic smiles don’t just come from someone’s mouth. A genuine smile starts in a person’s eyes and soul. If you make them feel comfortable and happy, they will soon forget all about the photography process. And only then, does the true magic begin!

Another frequently asked question is: what happens after the session?

On completion of the session, I always take a moment to communicate with my clients on the spot. I never leave them wondering when they will be receiving their images or what will come next. Sometimes my clients are needing some of the photos that very same week. I make sure to do everything possible to get them those much-needed images. There isn’t any charge for rush editing or delivery. My client’s satisfaction is the top priority. 
Before parting ways, we discuss the next plan of action. I send them access to their online gallery to view all images within 7 days from the session. If we are scheduling an in-person consultation, we will also set the date and time for that.

What is lifestyle photography session?

Wikipedia says: “Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives or to inspire people in different times. Thus, it covers multidisciplinary types of photography together. A lifestyle photographer is not only a portrait or people photographer and loves/enjoys photography as art in everyday life but is believed to be talented in photography that can also do well in other many disciplines of photography at a time such as landscape, street photography, fashion, wedding, and even wildlife with one’s unique vision to inspire people’s life.”
In my words, Lifestyle photography is about the experience that happens to be served up alongside some great photos.

Do you offer newborn baby sessions?

YES but there is more to answering this frequently asked question. All my newborn sessions are offered to two different types of clients:
1) My past wedding couples who have worked with me many times. I always want to meet the new addition to their family and to personally welcome the little ones to the DA Photography family. 
2) Clients who cherish and value lifestyle newborn baby sessions. These are parents who want to be a part of their newborn’s photos. Together we capture genuine emotions of excitement, joy, wonder, pride, and some of the unknowns, showcasing fresh parenthood. My newborn photos are not the type that has the babies posing like dolls. I truly love working with people and my photography focuses on their genuine emotions and authentic moments, no matter how old they are.

What is “A Day in the Life” collection?

This is my favourite collection! It truly gives you the most value and the best possible return on your investment. Originally, it was created to capture part of the day of your family’s life. This means all of the fun, joy, and various emotions that you experience together. It evolved to include a documentary-style approach to your session where I spend 6-8 hours of the day with the family. I journalistically capture moments, focusing more on the journey of your day. This is perfect for family get-togethers such as reunions, post-pandemic celebrations, and holidays. This collection is custom-created based on the needs of each family situation. It is a totally new way of documenting your family’s legacy through the art of my photography. 

Do you work with blended families?

OF COURSE! With so many variations of what makes up a family unit, I have a hard time thinking differently! If you define yourself as a family, then I welcome you to our family photo sessions. In my experience, working with blended families has been so rewarding and heartwarming. Seeing the joy in a parent’s eye while the new-ish family connects and bonds gives me so much satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of families that have so much love for each other, no matter when in their life’s journey they met!  Here I have written a blog that helps to answer this frequently asked question and showcases an example of how I photograph blended families.

I saw these cute pictures on Pinterest. Can we do those?

Well, YES. If you have a vision, we can certainly do that too! We would use those images as inspiration and recreate our own version of it – one that compliments you and our chosen location. However, it is important to note that we must be careful to draw a clear line between who we are and what we want to be. Inspiration is absolutely great. The hard part is when we have unrealistic ideas of what we can achieve in our own final image. My advice is always: ” Be yourself and have fun!” I’ll make sure that we include whatever you have told me in our pre-photo session meeting during our session while you relax and focus on having fun. How does that sound to you?

I’m a business owner. Do you provide headshot and personal branding photography?

YES. Most of my clients and their family members are also business owners. Once connected, it’s always easier to picture and share their vision through my headshots or their branding. Here you can see the top 7 reasons why my clients need an up-to-date headshot image. To get to know more about this frequently asked question click here.

Q: I have a question that I don’t see an answer for!
A: No worries! I want to answer everything for you. Your question might just make it on to this frequently asked questions list! Please complete the contact form and let us hear from you.