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Family photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville

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I absolutely enjoy taking family photos. I thoroughly enjoy each session and connecting with my many different clients. Over the past couple of years, Reto’s family photos stick out as being one of my favourite sessions. This is a couple with an amazing little boy that truly represents to me what Canada is and what family means.

This little family has such a great personality and outlook. Fun, excited, relaxed, happy and easy-going are just some of the words I would use to describe their family’s vibe every time that we have a chance to work together.

Family photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville
Children Photos in Oakville
Kids Photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville
Nottinghill Gate Park Photos in Oakville

The history of Reto’s family photos

I first met Reto and his lovely wife Lee a couple of years ago when they lived in Toronto. At that time, the little Pinuoa was only a year old and still learning how to walk. Their spring session was one of the highlights of the season for me. 

Fast forward to a few years later when they decided to leave the city life. By then, my family and I had already to Guelph. This meant that their family move to Oakville actually brought our homes closer to each other. They reached out to book a family photo session with me, but this time it would be in the fall. 

This session at Lion’s Valley Park was memorable for so many reasons, but one particular thing stands out for me. After we had finished the family photos little Pinuoa looked me straight in the eyes and said, ¨We are going to have hot chocolate at Time Horton’s. Would you like to join us?” At the time, Pinuoa was only 3 or 4 years old; a similar age to my youngest son. How could you not say yes to this genuine invitation by such a sweet little boy? 

We ended up enjoying some coffee and hot chocolate at Tim’s together. I was amazed to witness the little boy conversing with me in English, with his mom in Cantonese and with his dad in German simultaneously. 

I had a blast spending time with Reto’s family and we continued to stay in touch in the following years.

Family photos at Nottinghill Gate Park
Cute kids portrait in Oakville
Family photos in the grass
Fun Family photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville

Nottinghill Gate Park photo session in Oakville

It was summertime when Reto next contacted me to ask if we could schedule a session. His parents were visiting from Switzerland and he wanted them to join in for one of his family sessions. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that Reto is a person who likes quick and prompt responses. We are much alike in this way actually. He knows exactly what he wants and his sessions are inquired about, arranged, scheduled and executed in less than a week every single time. He acts fast and I totally love working with him! 

For this family photo session, they decided to choose a park that was closer to their house and more local. Nottinghill Gate Park was the chosen location. Having already worked here with Lindsey’s family, I knew that it would be a great option for them too.

The little Pinoua had now grown into a little boy. He recognized me immediately and began to show me his new tricks and posing techniques. While his grandparents were reserved at first, they seemed amazed by my connection to their family and were quick to adjust to the session. To make them feel more comfortable I switched from English to my best (albeit broken) Deutsch. Way back when I had actually studied this in school but with no chance to practice it was more than a little rusty.

Family Photos with grandparents
Family Photos with grandparents at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville
Traditional Family photos in Oakville
Nottinghill Gate Park family photos

Photos with the grandparents

The Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville was a perfect location for these family photos. I made sure to apply my usual strategy during family photo sessions which is to take all of the photos that involve children first. This way, if they begin to get tired or cranky towards the end we have already achieved our goal. 

We worked from the garden area all the way towards the forestry area for this session and I enjoyed every moment working with this family. I usually never look at the time while I am photographing a session. Firstly, I find it rude and secondly, I enjoy my time so much that I forget to do it in the first place! 

To gauge the length of the session, all I usually need to do is to read my clients’ body language. I notice that after about 1.5 – 2 hours people tend to tire and cooperation from the young ones begins to diminish. 

Before I saw the signs of fatigue from Reto’s family, I had already captured some images of his parents, Lee and Reto, and some creative photos with Pinuoa being in his element.

Garden photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville
Senior photos at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville
Lifestyle photos in Oakville
Family Photographer at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville

End session takeaway advise for families and photographers

During my 11 years working as a photographer in Canada, I have learned a few things. One of these is to work the park or other location for family photos in a circular movement. Typically, we start at the right of the entrance and move counter clockwise visiting as many spots within the location as possible. This way, I can adjust our speed depending on our progress through the location. At the same time, it is also the perfect way to naturally finish the session by bringing my clients back to the starting location. It is also a visual for them as they witness the progress of the session.

This way of working the location always gives me an extra moment for one last group photo. It is during this photo that you can see the group’s genuine expressions. They are so relaxed and full of happiness while they interact with each other. Some of the giddiness may be due to being tired while the majority of it is with the accomplishment of another successful photo session and some fond memories to share for a lifetime. 

Family photos in Oakville
Family photography at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville
Fun Family pictures at Nottinghill Gate Park
Guelph Family Photographer
Couples Photographer at Nottinghill Gate Park in Oakville

I am looking forward to Reto’s family’s next session when little Pinuoa is not so little anymore! Perhaps we may do a winter session in the future. This seems to be the only season missing from their family albums. Until next time, see you soon my DA Family! 


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