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First Communion photos at Loafer’s Park in Brampton

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Taking First Communion photos during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging. Like anything nowadays it seems, we have had to pivot and adjust how we usually document this important milestone for kids and their families. Recently, I had the privilege of taking photos of an entire school’s First Communion ceremony held at their local church.

It’s a little sad to try to photograph children while they are wearing their masks. Almost two-thirds of their faces are covered, requiring us to try to have them pose with their eyes and with a tilt of their head as much as possible.

While it may have been difficult to capture every moment with a documentary approach, we worked hard to make sure that it happened. This is an important part of growing up and these memories with loved ones are irreplaceable.

After the church ceremony, some of the families chose to go with me to their preferred park for more photos. Here, we were able to easily distance ourselves so that we could work without masks and see those big, happy smiles. I was incredibly happy to be able to complete the first communion photos of the kids and their families.

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First Communion photos in Brampton
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First Communion photos with Tania’s Family

When Tania first contacted me inquiring about first communion photos for her daughter, I made sure to give her my honest feedback. I shared with her my most recent experience with the church photos and my take-aways from that particular session. Tania had already thought about everything that I brought up and had formed an excellent plan instead. It was so well thought-through and we were able to execute it beautifully.

On our chosen day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous! While it was still a bit fresh, it was sunny and with no wind or rain in the forecast.

The first communion photo session started in their house. I brought along my mobile equipment so that I had a full photo studio set up for her daughter’s photos. I remained masked so that the rest of the family could go mask-free. This meant that we could stay safe while still getting some fabulous images. At this point, I focused on capturing the more traditional first communion portraits that are so valuable as the family’s keepsake.

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Dad with his daughter on a first communion
Mom with his daughter on a first communion
Siblings on a first communion day
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Lifestyle in-house session

By now, I’m sure, you know that I am passionate about lifestyle people photography. First, I wanted to make sure that I completed Tania’s request for more formal, traditional photos. Now, it was time to try out some of my ideas too.

When I entered the house, the living room space caught my eye. Its decor complimented the first communion dress and other small details. In this room, I worked on some more contemporary-styled photos. I made sure to include her younger brother as I noticed that he was trying to slowly but surely steal the spotlight.

Seeing how relaxed and fun these first communion photos can be, the family was enthusiastic to join the little girl and document some memories with her.

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In house first communion photos
Brampton Children Photographer
Brampton Children Photography

Outdoor First Communion photos at Loafer’s Park

While planning for Tania’s session, I researched around her house for location opportunities. I soon realized that she was only minutes away from Loafer’s Park. I had photographed here before and was pleased with the location so was quick to suggest it again. We decided to go there at the end of their in-house session.

Tania’s family was so relaxed after having fun with the series of great lifestyle images at their house. With great weather outside, they were all eager to go outside for some more excitement. Because we were going to be working at a safe distance, there was no need for any of us to be wearing masks for the outdoor part of these first communion photos.

While there was some construction going on at Loafer’s Park, we were able to work around it. As always, it is easy to focus on using the most appealing backgrounds while not photographing where the scenery is lacking.

It was here that the little girl really started to enjoy the sunshine in her beautiful dress. I worked with her individually, with her brother, and both parents together and alone with her too.

The great weather gave us so much opportunity to work and the atmosphere was awesomely inviting. Passers-by had smiles on their faces as they watched this family have so much fun. In the end, we completed our session with photos by the lake and with a final twirl of the dress for this first communion girl.

First Communion Photos at Loafer's Lake
Loafer's Lake First Communion
Loafer's Lake First Communion in Brampton
Outdoors First Communion Photos
First Communion Photos at Loafer's Lake in Brampton
Outdoors First Communion Photos at Loafer's Lake
Lifestyle First Communion Photos
Lifestyle Photography of a First Communion at Loafer's Lake Park
Great experience after good photo session

In the end, we realized that we were a bit tired from having all that fun. However, we had huge smiles on our faces from the joy of working together and enjoying the moments. I was pleased with how we successfully captured these first communion photos. We had such great weather, a relaxed atmosphere and an awesome photography experience all in one session.

Now, all of these beautiful images will bring the feeling of this joyful experience of Tania’s little girl’s first communion photos.

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First Communion at Loafer's Lake in Brampton
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Family Photographer at Loafer's Lake
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Fall Picture at Loafer's Park
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Lifestyle Photography of a First Communion at Loafer's Lake

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